Templo Santo CC on 01/31/2022

Day 22 of Fasting and Prayer (01/31/2022)

Day 22 of Fasting and Prayer: Blessings warriors, this is our last day of Fasting and Prayer that we offered to the Lord for making us a humble people before his presence and before men to receive from Him the freedom and healing that our land needs. , since He says in his word that if we humble ourselves before Him, He will heal our land (2 Chronicles 7:14) Let us maintain unity, today we occupy divine intervention in favor of our Pastor Jorge Navarrete and the entire pastoral house, I ask that this day of fasting let us unite in a cry for them so that God extends his hand of mercy and lift up his servant in the mighty name of Jesus! Thank you very much and may the Lord bless each one of you greatly, we are in VICTORY, GOD IS FAITHFUL!

Templo Santo CC on 01/31/2022

Day 21 of Fasting and Prayer (01/30/2022)

Day 21 of our time of humiliation before our beloved Jesus Christ, we are concluding a race that we proposed together, thank God because we are not defeated, we got powerful answers and with the passing of days we will begin to see the answer to each one of our requests that we present to our God and a glorious move in our Holy Temple house, healing that comes from the throne of God for each family, we will see a glorious move! So do not give up, one more day to complete our 21 days, we finished on the 31st concluding the month of January in victory!

Templo Santo CC on 01/30/2022

Day 20 of Fasting and Prayer (01/29/2022)

Day 20 of Fasting and Prayer: Three things the Lord asks of us, to be just, to be merciful and humble before Him, He does not like sacrifices, humility above all, humility.

Templo Santo CC on 01/28/2022

Day 19 of Fasting and Prayer (01/28/2022)

Day 19 of Fasting and Prayer: The Most High has good thoughts for us, house of God, holy People, Church redeemed by Jesus, paths much better than our paths, infinite in Mercy, extensive in forgiveness, Powerful and great in battle. Let us come before him with a repentant heart, full of humility and we will achieve his promises because heaven and earth will pass away, but his word will not pass away!

Templo Santo CC on 01/26/2022

Day 17 of Fasting and Prayer (01/26/2022)

Day 17 of Fasting and Prayer: The glorious is coming for our house Holy Temple let's make sure that no root of bitterness sprouts from us so that it does not overshadow the work of our God, let the Holy Spirit purify.

Templo Santo CC on 01/25/2022

Day 16 of Fasting and Prayer (01/25/2022)

Day 16 of Fasting and Prayer: Holy Temple, healing and restoration for our house has arrived, let the Holy Spirit heal all pain, allow him to reach those hidden areas that only you know, He wants to give you total freedom in everything!

Templo Santo CC on 01/25/2022

Day 15 of Fasting and Prayer (01/24/2022)

Day 15 of Fasting and Prayer: Benefits of Fasting and Prayer, bending the flesh before God, Requesting the correct direction for our families and for our assets. This is the way to triumph!

Templo Santo CC on 01/19/2022

Day 10 of Fasting and Prayer (01/19/2022)

Day 10 of Fasting and Prayer: What are your enemies called? Identify them and allow God to cover you with strength so that each one of them remains under you.

Templo Sant CC on 01/17/2022

Day 8 of Fasting and Prayer (01/17/2022)

Day 8 of Fasting and Prayer: Do you know brother? We have already completed a week of Fasting and Prayer, we are starting the second and let me tell you that this gives us the strength to continue, let's go with everything!

Templo Santo CC on 01/16/2022

Day 7 of Fasting and Prayer (01/16/2022)

This is our confidence, we are NOT fasting in vain, God is very attentive and if our heart is truly sincere, we will see glorious results.

Templo Santo CC on 01/15/2022

Day 6 of Fasting and Prayer (01/15/2022)

Day 6 of Fasting and Prayer: Turn to me, says the Lord, with all our hearts! With fasting! The carnal man tells you no, you cannot be sick, you work too much, you are weak. But if God is speaking, he He he will give us the strength.

Esposos Villatoro. on 05/11/2020

The Joy of the Lord is my Strength

Habakkuk 3: 17-19. Although the fig tree does not flourish, there are no fruits on the vines, although the product of the olive tree is lacking and the farmland does not provide maintenance and the sheep are removed from the flock and there are no cows in the corrals; Still, I will rejoice in Jehovah and rejoice in the God of my salvation! Jehovah the Lord is my strength which makes my feet like deer and in my heights makes me walk.

Kathi Macias on 05/04/2020

"My First Love"

Then Job arose, tore his robe, and shaved his head; and he fell to the ground and worshiped. And he said: