The Joy of the Lord is my Strength

Written on 05/11/2020
Esposos Villatoro.

Habakkuk 3: 17-19. Although the fig tree does not flourish, there are no fruits on the vines, although the product of the olive tree is lacking and the farmland does not provide maintenance and the sheep are removed from the flock and there are no cows in the corrals; Still, I will rejoice in Jehovah and rejoice in the God of my salvation! Jehovah the Lord is my strength which makes my feet like deer and in my heights makes me walk.

"Habakkuk means someone who embraces another person." The main theme of this book is FAITH Habacub 2: 4 "but the just shall live by his faith" shows the division of humanity in its attitude towards God; the group of unbelievers who are headed towards destruction and the other group who by faith are heading towards God. There was a housewife woman who while cleaning or cooking her heart was always happy and always victorious. But one day a lady who deep down He envied and criticized her. He told her: It is okay to be happy when everything goes well, but think about the future a little. Suppose you fall ill and that you cannot work, do you think these praises will serve you? Suppose also that your masters leave the country and you can't find a job, and suppose ... "" Stop, ma'am, the housewife told her; you understand, I don't suppose anything. The Lord is my Shepherd, and I know perfectly well that I will lack nothing; what he is saying are assumptions, that in the end it hurts him to think like that. It would be well to discard those assumptions and trust fully in the Lord. "Whether we look to the present or to the future, we must never forget that the Lord loves and cares for us, this will dispel all fear.

IN A TIME OF CRISIS Habacub is in Juda where they are facing a very difficult situation, they were facing two crises, an internal crisis and another external crisis, internally the legal system was the most corrupt of all, there was poverty and hunger, injustice and the people were discouraged. And externally Babylon had been threatening them to destroy them had already destroyed Jerusalem now they were coming upon them; They were about to be held captive for 70 years by the Babylonians. In moments of crisis we have to cry out to God Habacub 1: 2-4

GOD ANSWERS OUR CRY Habacub 1: 5 is so powerful the way God responds that we were amazed. Habacub 2: 2-3 God says to write the answer, because in times of trial, crisis, difficulty, we can possibly forget the promise of God and although it will take the promise, it will come. The prophetic vision will be fulfilled on a specific date and if it is delayed we must wait for it, because it will certainly come and the righteous one will live Habacub 2: 4 by his faith


Even if the fig tree does not blossom I will praise God, in the midst of any circumstance I will praise Him, there is always a praise that encourages me, that strengthens me, that fills me, and gives me the strength to keep going. When we praise God in the most difficult moments we are declaring that our trust is placed in Him and in Him we will wait. God always comes on time Nehemiah 8:10 The joy of the Lord is my strength

CONCLUSION: Every believer can enjoy and live in the joy of the Lord, since the foundation is in the promises of God, which by faith we take and wait for. Although the circumstances are difficult or the problems are still present, everything will work for the good for the children of God.