Day 22 of Fasting and Prayer (01/31/2022)

Written on 01/31/2022
Templo Santo CC

Day 22 of Fasting and Prayer: Blessings warriors, this is our last day of Fasting and Prayer that we offered to the Lord for making us a humble people before his presence and before men to receive from Him the freedom and healing that our land needs. , since He says in his word that if we humble ourselves before Him, He will heal our land (2 Chronicles 7:14) Let us maintain unity, today we occupy divine intervention in favor of our Pastor Jorge Navarrete and the entire pastoral house, I ask that this day of fasting let us unite in a cry for them so that God extends his hand of mercy and lift up his servant in the mighty name of Jesus! Thank you very much and may the Lord bless each one of you greatly, we are in VICTORY, GOD IS FAITHFUL!